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Here you’ll find a range of things from concept frames, digital and film photos I take
or cool projects I am involved in but don’t make it on my portfolio. Check it out︎




Super proud to say that I am working with MEPHIL Films on my short script called Alex. Onto financing now to get it made. 




Apr. 2018

Due to super strict NDA I can’t show any of it, but I animated an interactive project at Curator Pictures for about a month.
Totally useless post since there is not even an image to show, but trust me, it was really cool ︎  


America on film 🇺🇸

2017 / 2018

On going series of film photos I take around the US with my Olympus XA and on Fuji or Kodak film.


Justice League

Oct. 2017

I was tasked to make those Justice League characters move from images to promote the film. Here are some extracts of Flash, Batman & WonderWoman



Aug. 2017

I was part of the design team at Lustre Studios who made that kick ass video for Cisco. Here are some of the frames I worked on. Full video below.


Iceland 🇮🇸

Sep. 2017

I briefly stopped in Iceland on my way to France this summer. Here are few digital shots I grabbed on my 5D MkII + Pentax SMC-A 50mm 2.8


Doctor B

Jul. 2017

I did post-production on this short documentary directed by David Chen.
Doctor B is about a veteran yo-yoer and the importance of play.

Official Selection & Screenings:
• South Dakota Film Festival
• Bend, OR Film Festival


Alaska Airline

Mar. 2017

I made "seamless" transitions in this cool ad produced by Curator Pictures. (It's a fat GIF so it might take few seconds to load).
Full spot below.


UA Audio

Feb. 2017

I was tasked to come up with type treatments for the latest Universal Audio commercial directed by Tony Fulgham.
See a quick reel of my work on this above, as well as the final product I created the assets for.

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