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Hi, my name is Jo, I am a French freelance senior editor & designer for fiction & documentary film, commercial, interactive stuff and music videos. I also direct projects more and more.

I work mainly in Seattle, USA and France.

In the past I’ve worked in Paris, London and Seattle, for companies like MPC, Capa, Les Films d'Ici, Amazon, among others. I have been involved in all types of projects from movies like Jungle Book by Jon Favreau to one-man-band documentary series, Et Puis Un Jour.

My work has been featured at SIFF, SXSW, Vimeo Staff Pick, TIME and many other festivals and publications.

For availability or general inquiriy get in touch at hello@jocausse.com ︎

Watch some of my most recent work below ︎︎︎

If you just want a quick look at a sizzle, watch the background vid on ︎, proper reel in the works. If you don’t want to wait my 2016 Editing reel ︎ is here & my 2016 Motion design reel ︎ is there

In the Latest section I post a range of things from concept frames, photos I take or cool projects I am involved in. Click to check it out ︎ 

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